Monday, July 19, 2010

A Majestic July!

Addie May and Kenna! Addie was such a cutie at the wedding! :)

JD and I!

Bradford and I!

Kate,Heidi,Diana and I!

Heidi Hoo and I!

Miss. Kaelin and I!

Tyler and Audra! Such a cute couple!

My fam and I at my cousins weding!
This July has been awsome! I have gotten to go to Cali for the second time to go to my cousins wedding and visit my family! Visiting fam was the best! And the wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for Tyler and Audra! It was such a fun wedding! This week we are going to Lake Powell with my mom's side of the fam! I am soooooo jazzed! It is one of the highlights of my summer! I love it! I hope that my dad will be able to make it to Lake Powell! That would be so fun to have him there! He has not been for a long time because of his cancer 4 years ago! I am hoping for the best! I love my dad and am so thankful for him! Anyways hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer 2010

How Presh!

Freezbear and I!

Trying to do the splits in the air! haha!

Diana jumping at the beach!

Jumping at the beach!

Enjoying the beach with the sibs!

Andrew and I at the beach!

The pool with Diana and Andrew!

At the pool on the slides with Rach!

Maddie, Julia and Rachel! Friends! :)

Taking andrew for a little stroll in the neigborhood in a contraption that my friend Rachel and I made! haha!

Diana, as she gets her 5th grade diploma!

Heidi and I making funny faces at Diana's graduation picnic!

Andrew as he is picking out a ball but he had to get in the ball pit to choose it! haha!

This is when Heidi took me,diana,andrew and my friend rachel to target and we had this one guy that worked there, to take a picture of us! haha! That was so fun!

This is when Heidi Hoo, my cousin came to visit and we tye dyed shirts! haha! so fun!

This summer has been great so far! It is already going by way too fast! We are at the beach right now and I enjoy just relaxing! It is one of my favorite places on earth! At the end of the month, I get to go to girls camp! I am so excited! I will be a 3rd year! I am also bringing a friend which I am super excited about! It is going to be the best year ever! Summer is already going by way too fast! haha! But I just need to enjoy every minute of it while it lasts before I go to high school and am in the stress of it all! Anyways hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Have Not Bloged in such a long time! SORRY!

Andrew in the car coming back home from Vail!

Skiing! So fun! Love ya mom! <3

Diana outside in the snow!

Diana and I did a photo shoot outside in the snow! It was so fun and the pics came out sooo cool! :)

Diana and I in Vail! I love ya Diana! <3

We got into Vail very late and Andrew was very tired and he fell asleep in my arms! It was so cute so we had to take a pic of it! I love Andrew! He is so cute! Love ya bro! <3

Christmas Time!

My dad celebrated his 41st birthday! That was very exciting! 4 years ago we did not know that he would make it because he was very sick with cancer but it is such a blessing that he is still here and cancer free and doing pretty well! Love ya DAD! <3

So I have not bloged for like such a long time! So much has happend in these last few months! Well....there was Thanksgiving that we spent with some friends which was super fun! Then there was Christmas which was amazing! I had so much fun having 2 weeks off! OH...just pure bliss! haha! Then there came the new year! 2010! Febuary, I turned 14! Now I can go to dances! I went to my first dance! It was sooooo fun! I am so excited to go to the next dance in 2 weeks! I enjoy running and playing the violin! I have been practicing super hard for this audition for the Chamber Orcestra in High School which is this week! I hope that it goes well! But, I know that everything will work out the way that it is suposed be! So, if I make it in the orchestra, it is ment to be! Anyways excited for Spring and Summer! haha! I wish that they could come sooner! Well....hope that evryone is doing well! Here are some pics of things that have happened in these last few months! ENJOY! HAHA!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SNOW DAY! Snowy in Colorado!

This is me, Diana, my neighbors Rachel and Ryan out sleding! Also their dog Archie is in the picture too!

Today we had a snow day! It was great! We went sleding and played in the snow all day! I loved it! Tomorrow we get a 2nd snow day! I am so excited! It is really nice to have a break from school sometimes! We are suposed to get like 20 inches of snow! Crazy but awsome! Anyways I hope that everyone is doing great!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friends in Colo and also the hike with cousins!

My mom and her cousin Heidi

Me, Diana and Andrew

Our Neigbors!


Playing Cards with grandpa and Bradford!

Diana and Elizebeth! Two peas in a pod! haha!

Diana playing my grandma's flute!

Us with our friends the Burgesses!

Me in my grandparents pool!

Heidi and I making a face! haha!

Old Tennis Courts!

The pool at Hearst Castle! It was huge!

We got to go to California and visit my grandparents and some cousins! I had so much fun! We hung out with Heidi Hoo a lot! We did the Olympics two times in the pool! That was fun! We also went to a Doggers game! We also went on a train trip to San Luis Opispo! We got to go to Hearst Castle too! I love California! It is so fun! Also in like a week we get to go to Lake Powell! I am so jazzed and excited!

Girls Camp

Paris and I

Paris, Kelsey and I! We did oatmeal facials by the waterfall! It was so fun!

Paris and I! We washed our hair in a waterfall! It was so cold but it felt so good!

Brooke and Sarah before our hike!

Sage and Maddi

Girls Camp was an amazing experience! I loved it! We had so much fun! The testimony meeting was amazing! I could feel the spirit so strong there! I am so glad that I got to go to Girls Camp!